Here’s What I Used for a Rihanna Inspired “Wild Thoughts” Eye Look

Screenshot 2017-07-13 at 6.14.49 PM

Hi ya’ll! As a music junkie, I have to admit that I’ve had DJ Khaled’s “Wild Thoughts” on repeat since it dropped on Apple Music. As a Rihanna stan, I was hype when the visual dropped and expected her to sport some sort of tropical look. I was right, and fell in love with the green shadow and red lipstick. This was my first time playing with green eyeshadow and it took about two tries for the green to actually blend well. I had to mix it with some shades of blue for it to really resemble the turquoise as seen in the video.  I ended up falling in love with this look and the feedback on my Twitter & Instagram was great so, I’m going to be listing mainly all the eye products I used in this post for you! You’re gonna be shook at how easy it was to pull off.

1. Primer/Concealer/Color Correct: LA Girl Pro Conceal in Creamy Beige, Yellow, and Orange

Photo via trndyshades

2. Eyebrows/Eyeshadow: Morphe Brushes 24P Picasso Palette

Screenshot 2017-07-13 at 6.15.05 PM
Photo via Instagram

3. Eyeliner/Mascara: Cargo Cosmetics Duo

Photo via Google

4. Lashes: Ardell Lashes in Wispies 

Photo via Google

5. Brow Highlight: Milani Tantastic Bronzer in Gold

Photo via vampyvarnish

And that’s it for the products I used, all the brushes I used are from the Real Techniques collection. They were all pretty basic standard brushes, but comment down below if you want me to list them! Thanks for reading! xx


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