#AlbumOftheWeek: Crazy for You by Best Coast

Hi ya’ll! I’ve been inspired to start a new music series and since music is practically my life, I’m going to be recommending albums, songs, and different projects weekly! I think you’ll quickly learn that my taste ranges from literally everything, and I hate to sound so obnoxious but it’s true.ย ๐Ÿ˜ญ

With that being said this week’s album is Best Coast’s Crazy for You.ย It takes a lot for me to listen to an album in its entirety, but this one made it so easy to. It was Best Coast’s debut studio album and dropped in the summer of 2010. But I was heavily obsessed with Bieber during this time so I didn’t give it a spin until 2012. I think this was my freshman year of highschool.

“This was the catalyst for a shift in music listens for me. Where my already existing love for indie music just bloomed. I started listening to similar artists like WAVVES, and The Drums. I chose Crazy for You because it takes me back to highschool. I would listen to these tracks while I was getting ready for school and during my little walks from class to class in the hallway.”

This album was different from anything I’ve ever heard before. Though indie rock has spiraled now, there really weren’t many bands like Best Coast when this dropped. I hope you listen to it and understand the different themes hidden behind a happy good ol’ trip to the beach beat.

You can stream Crazy for Youย here. And, listen to my favorite track down below.

Thank you for reading! xx


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