#AlbumoftheWeek: Flower Boy by Tyler, the Creator

Back in 2011 I was OFWGKTA as fuck. I loved Tyler, the Creator‘s creativityย eye for innovation and overall weirdness. I found myself indulging in his projects when they dropped, from Goblin, Wolf, Cherry Bomb, and now Flower Boy.

“Tyler’s craft has- dare I say- “matured” since his earlier work and in the best way. He produced groovy beats over beautiful melodies with the voices of Frank Ocean, Kali Uchis, Estelle, Jaden Smith, and more. His eye for a consistent theme on this one is flawless and hits you unexpectedly. “

On a more personal level, this is exactly what I was waiting to come from Tyler, and I am not disappointed whatsoever. But I also am a Tyler stan so, come to the conclusion of this project yourself by giving Flower Boy a listen here. And listen to my favorite track down below.

Thanks for reading! xx










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