About Carina Ortiz

The owner of this blog, @adorecarina is a 20 year old with a passion for beauty, music, and writing. She’s currently an Arts & Culture staff writer for the controversial Affinity Magazine, curating articles about beauty, trending topics, and more. Carina is also interning at Hubwav Media in Los Angeles, a website dedicated to pop-culture. You can find her pieces there discussing sneaker releases, music drops, trending topics, and original “Top 10” features. With a dedicated mind, and an eye for creativity, she began taking media/journalism a little more seriously as she’s currently studying Communications.

Secretflaws was born because I wanted to create my own platform for beauty and music. Although I know there are a variety of platforms where I can publish my work, I wanted a place where I had 100% creative freedom. I also don’t think a place for both beauty and music has ever been done before. Nothing makes me happier than helping someone find confidence within themselves, whether it’s through music, or beauty. I’m not sure where this direction will take me but I hope you stick around for wherever that might be.”